Our Top 5 Home Office Appliances

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Our Top 5 Home Office Appliances
By Vytronix 10 May 2021 148 Views

Given how our ways of working have changed over the past year, most of us have likely become pretty comfortable with working from home.

Many of us did it before the Coronavirus pandemic, but a huge proportion of people have had to adjust to the short commute downstairs in the past year.

In order to make things easier, many people will have set up home office spaces in order to get their work done. These can provide peace and quiet from the rest of the home, enabling positive working habits to prevail. They are also a great area to store various work and personal belongings in.

At Vytronix, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with affordable, quality home appliances. As part of this offering, we have a great choice of home office appliances from which to choose.

In the latest Vytronix blog, we have picked out 5 brilliant home office appliances we think will be a really positive addition to your working life. Take a look!

1 – Lion29 Lightweight Cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Every room in the home has the propensity to accumulate dust and dirt over time. And sadly the home office is no different!

Creating a positive workspace is important if you want to get the best out of yourself, and therefore keeping your home office clean is a good way to help support a positive state of mind.

Having a useful vacuum cleaner to hand is a great way to do this, allowing you to keep your home office in check and looking its best.

This lightweight, cordless handheld stick vacuum cleaner from Lion29 is a really good purchase. Easy to use and perfect for quick cleaning jobs, this is the perfect home office cleaner.

2 – Freestanding Oscillating 3 Speed Tower Fan

With summer on its way, spaces in our home can quickly become hot and sticky. That often makes them less than ideal spaces for working.

Also, in a home office, cracking a window could cause havoc with papers and other bits and pieces flying all over the place.

Finding ways to stay cool without disrupting the flow of your office is a potential headache. It is however a lot easier with a freestanding oscillating tower fan from Vytronix.

You can place this office fan in the optimal location and avoid feeling sweaty and horrible while working from home with ease.

3 – Digital Solo Microwave Oven

Anybody who has worked from home over the past year will know the temptation of having a cheeky snack now and again.

By adding a quality home office microwave oven to your work space, you can quickly and efficiently create meals and snacks without having to leave the comfort of your office space.

Microwaves are a modern masterpiece when it comes to making quick and easy meals, and that makes them a really strong addition to any home office. We have this excellent 900w solo microwave oven available, which is really worth considering if you often feel peckish at your desk and the kitchen seems too far away!

4 – Air Purifier

Though we like to think of our homes as relatively safe places to be, there could well be allergens and other possibly harmful elements floating around in your home’s atmosphere.

The need to ensure clean air is breathed in has never being higher. Vytronix has small air purifiers for office spaces that can be the perfect addition to your home office.

Given how much time you likely spend in your home office, this kind of investment can really help support the creation of a positive air space.

This Vap55 air purifier helps eradicate allergens and remove unpleasant odours from spaces such as home offices. It features a HEPA carbon filter which is really powerful against bacteria, allergens and other unwanted particles, making it a great office air purifier option.

5 – Cordless Lithium Ion Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you are somebody who tends to make a bit of a mess when eating and let’s face it there are plenty of us! then a handheld vacuum cleaner is a great buy.

If you often eat at your desk, crumbs and bits of food can easily accumulate and create an unclean desk environment.

A handheld vacuum cleaner offers a really handy cleaning ability that can allow you to quickly pick up crumbs and other things. This helps leave your home office looking sparkling clean, contributing to a positive work environment and a great working day!

Kit your home office out with products from Vytronix

You can find all the products you need to turn your home office into a fantastic space that you love to spend your time in.

At Vytronix, we have a whole host of home appliance products of the highest quality, but at affordable price points.

We hope this blog has helped you find some inspiration for what to add to your home office! Be sure to take a look at our delivery options. And if you have any questions, simply contact the Vytronix team.

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